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Every Great Builder knows that a great home starts with a dream - your dream. Here in Espino Construction we believe that each project is an opportunity to build special moments that will last a lifetime.

Connecting the Divide
Between Build & Design


Designed from your vision.
Built for life.

Design. Build. Expertise

Great homes don’t start with materials or blueprints. They don’t even start with architects. Great homes start with a dream – your dream. They start with late night scrolling, notes, and inspiration drive-by. Days, weeks and months of research will finally come together. After all, it will be your dream and in the end, it will be better than you ever imagined it.


At Espino's, we aren’t just builders. We’re family. We’re professionals. Lovers of perfection, style, and construction that is built for a lifetime. From the initial meeting down to the last light fixture, we work with our clients to build homes that are truly their own.


Your Custom Home should be an opportunity to create special moments and details that will become a part of your family’s story. The process should be easy, fast and simple. We always promise efficiency, quality, transparency, and that we will be with you throughout the whole process, from your initial vision to creating the design to the build. 

 “Good buildings come from good people, and all problems are solved by good design.”
Stephen Gardiner




901 W 1st St. San Juan Texas 78589

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Great overall customer experience! Jonathan was so helpful in helping me find a floor plan that best for my family and I! The quality of Espino Homes and friendly people from the start of walking in the office help sold me! By far better then any builder I’ve looked at in the RGV! Thank you for all your help!


-Jessica R

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